The full vision

Our vision is to see individual freedom, human diversity and ingenuity, and natural beauty flourish and advance within a generous and free society.

Liberalism under lockdown

The global covid-19 pandemic has created the largest public health crisis in living memory. It continues to take the lives of hundreds of thousands worldwide. In our own country, the official toll is still rising, and many estimates put the true number far higher. Every death is a tragedy, the loss of a human beingContinue reading “Liberalism under lockdown”

Waking the sleeping giant

The word ‘liberal’ – at least as used in modern politics – has a strong case for being the most mistreated in the English language. It is casually strewn throughout discussion of politicians, activists and media figures from all parties and none. Most egregiously, it is often forced into use as an adjective attempting toContinue reading “Waking the sleeping giant”

The four realms

The personal realm Liberals have long been in the vanguard of the movement for greater personal freedom. There are countless differences in how humans appear, live, and interact with others. This creates natural and beautiful variation. But societies and governments the world over reject this natural and beautiful variation. They instead misuse legal systems andContinue reading “The four realms”

The challenges to our vision

Liberals have always faced an uphill battle. Even at the zenith of the Liberal Party’s political power, after the landslide election victory of 1906 under Herbert Asquith, the House of Lords blocked key social reforms that could have transformed the UK far more radically than the introduction of pensions, free school meals, labour exchanges, andContinue reading “The challenges to our vision”

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