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This vision is the product of influence, wisdom and support from many people. It is the first product of an informal group of Liberal Democrat friends and colleagues who came together to discuss how to revitalise and reenergise the liberal movement in the UK, and continue to do so. Key people in that group include Sally Burnell, Mark Pack, Matthew Clark, and Rob Blackie.

Also in that group, I will always be indebted to my two former bosses, David Howarth and Julian Huppert, for educating me and deepening my understanding of what liberalism could and should be. They embodied the spirit of generosity I have tried to develop in this vision as employers and as MPs. The country is far poorer for the lack of their political leadership.

The document has had further input and constructive criticism from several friends and colleagues. I am particularly indebted to feedback from Helen Belcher, Alex Wilcock, David Buxton, and Isabelle Parasram. All of those who read the text helped to improve it enormously.

Finally I am most grateful to my parents Cora and Andrew, who taught me among many other things the value of intellectual freedom and the power of words; my sister Bec, a consistent and enduring inspiration; my patient, critical, and passionate foil and partner, Amantia; and to all those who taught me what I know about the human spirit.


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